More documentation: Examples on how to use DirectPDF for differents languages and business.

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Release of DirectPDF Note 01 (07/28/2005): The first document that is design to support developpers to understand...(more)

What is DirectPDF ?

The solution for all your PDF developments through a component allowing you to create documents that are on PDF format (Portable Document Format) directly from your application. It skips the use of a third-party and simplifies the process by getting a wide list of optimal and efficient functionalities.

DirectPDF is an independant development based on the PDF standard, and can be use through all languages and development environments based on the Windows platform. DirectPDF is distributed as a Freeware so you may use it or redistribute it freely within your application (commercial or not).

And the new roadmap ?

According to the questionnary, the next task is to propose examples written in C, C++, VB, C# to show how to use DirectPDF with such languages. I'll complete them by proposing some PDF uses according to different business needs. Then I'll work on a new tool that allow to explore a PDF file through its internal structure. I try also to get some time to add some functionnalities to the COM Component DirectPDF.

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